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Cross – Duathlon in Fisching – Styrian Championship

5.6 km running - 18 km mountain bike - 2.8 km running

Who now believes that I’ll report of a perfect race, I have to disappoint you. It certainly was not my best race, regarding the absolute performance. My personal bests in each split were impossible because since 10 days I was having an annoying chill, although this did not hindered me in the training sessions, but makes it impossible to go to the absolute capacity reach. But again the desire to win was just stronger than the mind. So much for the framework.

The competition itself: Beautiful, almost idyllic location in a nature reserve close to the district capital Zeltweg ... and to explain it again: "Cross" means forest soils, pastures and forest roads, so a really rugged looking terrain.

About the race: After the first run split, which I completed in 21: 11min (3: 47s section), I immediately fought on to the group ahead of me (4 athletes), this was already half the battle for the success! I was saving the decisive forces in order to give all at the final 2.8 kilometers!

Said and done: 10:52 min (3:53 average) was the split time. I finished in a total time of 1:08:48 h on my first attempt in the Cross - Duathlon - scene.

Patrick Muchitsch - Austrian Triathlet




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