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Aerodynamics on the test bench

Triathlon pro Michael Weiss completed intensive test days. In an aero test at Vienna Dusika Stadium together with the wheel supplier XeNTiS they were seeking for the best bike setup for next races and the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and they found it. "We have made another big step forward" says the Austrian triathlete.

After the first half of the season, with a total of five races and winning the Ironman Cozumel, Michael Weiss and his team take the mid-term evaluation. "Stagnation means regression. That's why I was very glad that XeNTiS has given me the opportunity to perform an aero test in Dusika Stadium."

The results of the aero test remain top-secret for now. Only so much can be revealed: "We have made another big step forward. From the position on the bike to the perfect wheel combination for various conditions and the various options with the helm."

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