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The successful earning of points

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Kristin Möller as well as Jérémy Jurkiewicz was in Frankfurt to earn points. What that means? Both of them raced the European Ironman Championship in Germany. Their main goal was to take as much qualification points for the Ironman World Championships as possible. And it worked pretty well.

Ladies first – Kristin Möller did 2 Ironman races within 2 weeks. Especially after that time athletes are usually in the a deep hole. The body is on a recovery and not on a performance mode. It seemed that it was different with Kristin. Under these conditions she had a pretty strong race in Frankfurt. Though in the water she struggled. But it was of her lacking swim abilities and not because tired arms. The aim on the bike was to overtake already some athletes which worked. But the surprise of the day was Kristin’s marathon. She could still run one of the fastest splits even with damaged legs. In the end it meant a ninth place and exactly 1.760 points. That should be enough for a Hawaii slot. But Kristin has to wait until end of May to have the certainty.

Frankfurt was not the easiest race Jérémy could have chosen. Beside Hawaii it was for sure one of the toughest Ironman concerning the amount of strong athletes. But Jérémy came well prepared and trusted his strength in the water and on the run course. So he came out of Langener Waldsee with the Belgian Agegrouper Colpaert as the leader. It took not that long and Andreas Raelert and Marino Vanhoenacker got him. Jérémy could stay in their group for a while. Then he had so slow down but he rode still a pretty fast bike stage and especially the run was great. With his performance he earned a sixth place overall behind the winner Vanhoenacker, the second Sebastian Kienle and the fourth Andreas Raelert. Jérémy can also be quite relaxed looking towards Hawaii.

Not that relaxed was Swen Sundberg today. He was not after points but raced at the Challenge Roth. After some lows and highs in the last week he was not quite sure how his form would be. Though it worked pretty well in the water and on the bike. Until 10 km before the finish line he was still on the 11th place. But then his energy was gone and it was a long way to the end of the running course. But he crossed the line and that has to be highly appreciated.

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