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3 new team mates – Abu Dhabi Triathlon Team

There are just a few weeks to go…..

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority is currently working hard to create another extra-ordinary triathlon event for the third year in sucession.
We are proud to be part of this event and also to present our new team members in Abu Dhabi on March 3rd. All in all there will be 7  athletes from our team on the starting line. Beside the “old” ones as Faris Al-Sultan, Kristin Möller, Paul Ambrose and Swen Sundberg there will be 3 new hungry athletes.

Jodie Swallow – the English Power House
With her 30 years of age Jodie can already look back on a more than successful athletic career. Everything started with swimming and cross-country running where she won her first titles. Of course these are the best attributes with which to start a triathlon career. At the beginning she raced short distance races where qualifed for the Olympic games in Athens in 2004. She then continued her journey with longer distance events and again she set the world on fire. The Ironman 70.3 World Championship title 2010 was just one of her highlights. After a long term injury she is back and has already proved at the Ironman 70.3 South Africa that she is even stronger than before. In Abu Dhabi she will race for the first time in the team colours. Her schedule for 2012 includes also full Ironman races – a new experience for Jodie.

Maik Twelsiek – The German Cycling Machine
The nickname of the 31-year old German already declares a lot about his qualities, he is great top athlete, not only on a bike, but also in the other disciplines. 2 Ironman titles and many great results clarifiy this point. A while ago Maik moved to Tucson, Arizona. The reason for this was not only for the good training conditions, but also for his American wife. After changing his coach he would like to continue his road to the front, at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. A 12th place in Kona is already on his resume.

Jeremy Jurkiewicz – the French Gourmet
The youngest in the team comes from France. Though his name does not sound like that. The qualified cook is just 23 years old and is new to the triathlon business. Despite this he  already has an Ironman title on his account. Last year the French swimming specialist won the long distance race in Wales, something many other athletes have to wait their entire career to achieve. In 2012 Jeremy would like to qualify for the Ironman World Championships, though he has some years to fulfil that goal.

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