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Survival of the Fittest

So today’s race on Koh Samui could be called. Under very hot conditions also many pros just tried to finish the challenge. With a second place Faris showed that he is still one of the fittest athletes.

Already before the race started it was clear that it would be a tough one. Not just the air temperature but also that one of the water was painful. But it did not affect Faris performance in the ocean. He started the bike in the first group with 3 other athletes. The roads in Thailand are usually pretty busy. The case that there was a race going on did not change that fact. Moped and cars affected the athletes riding and it was dangerous. But Faris could finish the ride without any accidents. As the leader he could manage 20 of 30 km of the run. Then he had to slow down and the Australian David Dellow passed him. In the end it was still the second place for Faris behind Dellow and in front of the Belgian Marino Vanhoenacker.

Faris was happy to survive as he said in the finish: “On the last kilometres I did not care any more about the result. I just wanted to finish the race on my 2 legs. I am Thailand since beginning of April and I like to race in the heat but today I really suffered. Under these circumstances I am more than happy with a second place.”

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