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Life is funny

We live so momentarily and our mood and attitudes are so adhered to our present state that the future and the past are easily forgotten. Injury cements my obsession with momentary emotion and it has been sometimes difficult to remember my successes and dream of the future in this time of temporary disablement.

After the Abu Dhabi triathlon I felt nothing but positivity about 2012. Having surmounted a credible challenge to the world’s top Ironman bikers I was now on track to begin to unleash my run potential and become one of the fastest runners on the circuit.

A running Jodie is per se a happy Jodie so when I was diagnosed with an oblique stress fracture on the fourth metatarsal I was pretty devastated. A melodramatic adjective? No, – exactly how I felt.

I have been competing in international sport since I was just 13 years old. It is all I know and everything I care about. Lately, I have begun to feel that as I near the summit of the comeback mountain - my body breaks down once again. The peaks of my career are high but the troughs can feel low as a lion pit. Training and racing is all I’ve ever known – take that away and it is like switching off a life force. ‘The higher you climb the further you fall’. Damn right - and I admit to having scars to prove it.

Once injured the attack comes… Why? What did you do? Did it hurt before? Why were you so stupid? Why does this happen all the time? When will you be back? Then the advice comes… Do this. Do that. Everything you do is wrong – your attitude, your workload, your body, your age.

There you are lying on your back and the punches keep coming. Confidence bruised by injury can become a head fuck in itself; A body once trusted and believed in becomes doubted; A training regime once successful and progressive suddenly seems over ambitious and ‘crazy’. This is a very vulnerable time in the life of an athlete. Possibly a career ending time.

I have bounced back the quickest psychologically and physically I have ever done from an injury. Five weeks later I am running comfortably, in shape and have maintained good base fitness. I did this because of my commitment to my goals, my dedication to training and decision never to limit my dreams. All things about that could be skewed to negatives that caused me to get an injury. I questioned and questioned and questioned and then I saw – this injury wasn’t my fault. Once I accepted that I could move on and recover. Sometimes, (and I have never ever used or liked this saying before) ‘Shit just happens’.

So shit happened and I dealt with it. I use my strengths in my favour because when they shine, they really shine. I have faith in my body and my program and will begin my season again in June - and I’ll do my best – I can absolutely guarantee that.

I begin a slow build up to Ironman Frankfurt now. An excellent test of progression ahead of my main season goal; World 70.3 Champs in Vegas.

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