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Jeremy became third in Corsica

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Jérémy Jurkiewicz thought that he is not ready yet to reach a place under the top 3 at the French long distance championships. But he was and finish 3rd in the end.

The national championships are important for the French athlete. That is the reason why most of the strong pros race them and it is always a competitive field of athletes. So the French elite met on Corsica on the weekend and fought for the titles over the double Olympic distance. Especially the bike course but also that one of the run was tough and there were almost no flat parts. One thing was clear that drafting on the bike would not be a problem.

It was also an important race for Jérémy. Though he trains a lot in the French mountains he likes riding on flat courses. That is one of the reason he has not expected a place under the best 3. But it came in a different way.

It was not surprising that Jérémy came out of the water in the first group with Sylvain Sudrie and Stéphane Poulat. With his swimming background Jérémy is one of the fastest swimmer at least of the long distance athletes. It did not take long and the athletes of the leading group were all by themselves. Sudrie took the lead and did not give it away until he reached the finish line and Jérémy rode on the second place. On the last climb Hervé Faure caught him. He is the multiple winner of the legendary Embrunman and so definitively a mountain specialist. After both of them started the run together Jérémy could not keep up with Hervé but he stayed on the great third place.

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