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It was a good day!

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Faris reached his big goal which he carried around for the last four years. He finished fifth at the Ironman World Championship on Hawaii. Jérémy got 14th and became best French athlete and Kristin was happy with her 17th place.

The day started pretty early at 6.30 am Hawaiian time. The pro men were the first ones who jumped into the water. After 51min the American swim specialist Andy Potts came out of the Kona Bay as the leading man. 45sec behind him a big group with most of the favourites entered the first transition area. Faris Al-Sultan as well as Jérémy Jurkiewicz was below them. It took not that long and the group closed the gap to Potts. From that moment on some of these athletes tried to escape the big pack. So the speed was pretty high. The windy conditions made the challenge even harder. After a few kilometres the group was divided into smaller bunches and the Belgian Marino Vanhoenacker and the German Sebastian Kienle could get away. But the German had a flat tire and Marino flew away alone. The first chasing group consists of four athletes. One of them was Faris. At the end of the bike course Vanhoenacker led by 9 minutes. But that was too fast and the Belgian had to drop out after two third of the marathon. At the beginning of the run Faris fought on the fourth and then on the fifth place which he brought to the finish line. He was just 10 minutes behind the fast Australian winner Pete Jacobs who was ahead of the German Andreas Raelert and the Belgian Frederik Van Lierde.

After the race Faris said: “It was a tough day in the “office”! My swim and my run worked pretty well. On the bike I just was closing gaps someone in front of me opened. But after three 10th place in a row I am more than happy with this result today.”

Jérémy could not follow Faris on the bike. He dropped off after a few kilometres and did his own race and was mostly by himself. He showed a solid bike performance and with a marathon time of 2:56:39 he could finish on the 14th place and got best French athlete.

Kristin had a tough time in the Pacific, as the swimming is not really her strength. She had another woman to swim with but they did not push hard. So she was quite recovered at the beginning of the bike. Though she struggled already a little bit on the first half of the course. But she fought and could also overtake some of her opponents. On her best discipline, the run, she paced herself and did not start full speed. That worked well. In the end she had just a 10 minutes slower run time has her teammates and she became 17th. She was satisfied with her first time on Hawaii and looks forward to race again.

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