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70.3 Ironman World Champion

The heat was the major opponent of all athletes at today’s Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. Though Faris had a good race and finished 9th overall.

The pros were the first ones who jumped into Lake Las Vegas which had almost 30 degree Celsius. Faris had some problems with his swim goggles and was one minute behind the leader. A minute later Paul and another minute Swen entered the first transition area. It took not that long and Faris fought his way to the leading group which stayed together until the end of the bike. Just the German Sebastin Kienle showed some impressive bike power and started the run more than two minutes ahead of everyone else. On the run course the heat got really worse which effected some of the athlete’s performances. But Faris always stayed in the top 10 and finished in the end as 9th. The lead of Kienle became smaller but it was enough to win the world champion title in front of last year’s winner Craig Alexander from Australia and the New Zealander Bevan Docherty. Paul had a tough day in the heat but he fought through and finished as 22nd. Swen had problems with cramps and dropped out after 10 km on the run.

Faris was quite happy with his race and said at the finish line: “I knew that I have a lake of speed especially on the run. But my big goal is Hawaii. I know what I have to do the next weeks to be fit at the start line in Kona.”

Jodie dominated the woman’s race in the water. 45 second ahead of the other ones she changed to the second discipline. Half way on the bike her chasers came and she could not follow. Though she started the run on the 4th place. The first loop worked pretty well but then she got problems with the hot conditions. Disappointed she finished on the 11th place. The Brit Leanda Cave won the title in front of the Americans Kelly Williamson and Heather Jackson.

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