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Ironman St. Pölten 70.3 – It was hot

Faris-Al Sultan im Anstieg beim IM St. Pölten

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That is the simple summary of Ironman 70.3 Austria in St. Pölten. The weather conditions let the athletes sweat after it was pretty cold the days before. That was not Faris’s problem though his race did not went that well.

He felt well as he arrived in Austria. Faris came with his mobile home and he had enough time to explore everything and to do some PR appointments for his sponsors and for the race organizers. He really looked forward to start his European season.

With a new race suit he jumped into the cold lake. He did not try the dress before but it worked though it was a long sleeve time trial suit. His supplier Pearl Izumi developed a really fast suit for cyclers. That was the reason Faris wanted to test it in a triathlon. After the swim he was in a good position and he pushed on the bike from the first meter on. He took the lead but he could not open a bigger gap to the chasing group which was one with more than 10 athletes. After half of the bike course his energy was pretty much gone and he started to suffer. It did not get better on the run. So he had a tough time and in the end he crossed the finish line on the 12th place. The new winner of the race in St. Pölten is also the old one. The Czech Filip Ospaly won for the third time in a row and he beat the favourite Andreas Raelert from Germany and the French Cyril Viennot.

Though it was not Faris’s best day there were some positive things: “I tried to give everything on the bike. I am not yet there where I want to be but I am on the right way. Beside that all my other races this year went pretty well. That makes me pretty confident for the upcoming challenges.”

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