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The new weapon for mountain bikes made by XeNTiS

With KAPPA 2 the Austrian carbon specialist XeNTiS is setting new standards in the
MTB sector, especially when it comes to resistance and performance. The combination
of a reduced rim height (35 mm), the low weight (1.340 g per set) and a clincher carbon
system guarantees the usability and nearly indestructibility for any adventure. The
KAPPA 2 off road wheel, produced in a monocoque form, is unique in its style.
Climbing up and driving down the mountains it proves its receptivity and shock resistance.
During braking there is no hesitation of the turning moment so a break or rip
of the spokes becomes impossible.

Styles of KAPPA 2

The new KAPPA 2 is available in the styles Standard and CC. While the KAPPA 2 CC is an absolute Cross Country wheel, the all mountain terrain is home to Standard KAPPA 2. In a special construction the KAPPA 2 is available as a lefty version and also with a 20 mm quick release axle.

Furthermore the new KAPPA 2 is compatible with tubeless wheels as well as clincher wheels and can be fixed by quick release axle from 100 to 135 mm. It is also planned to modify the front wheel hub to QR15 and the rear wheel hub to X12 Standard (142 mm).

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