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MARK2 – the new 5 spoke technology

The Austrian Carbon specialist XeNTiS is landing on spot within the triathlon sport with its new 5 spokes technology in point of design, performance and speed. The new high end triathlon weapon MARK2 TT shows through various wind channel tests values never recorded before regarding side forces.

It all goes along with further improved values regarding aerodynamics. Thanks to the 5 spokes technology the well known XeNTiS reduced aero drag in crosswinds is guaranteed and an excellent rolling efficiency is shown. The ideal wheel for ambitious hobby athletes and professional athletes.

With a rim height of 65 mm and a weight of 1.710 gram the best proportion between rolling
efficiency and side wind sensitivity was precisely worked out. The MARK2 TT is available in clincher and tubular version and is the ultimate wheel for difficult wind conditions together with top braking conditions in wet or dry conditions.

The unique XeNTiS Monocoque construction method is used and guarantees for stability
paired with monocoque building. Additionally a spokes magnet for all common products is
integrated. A RFID chip rounds up the technical package.

Moreover a XeNTiS designed hub is built into the wheel, which is compatible for Campagnolo as well as Shimano/SRAM, has best rolling conditions and will ease the handling for customers and dealers significantly.

Hardfacts MARK2 TT:

lowest side forces
Reduced aero drag in crosswinds
Aerodynamic performance
UV resistance


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